Specialist Piping Infrastructure Aids

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Large Piping Construction

GFS is highly skilled at expediting specialist design and build of piping construction, within your plant or network.

By undertaking all site surveying, 3D detailing, fabrication, excavation, and installation, GFS successfully executes large projects - at pace.

See the time lapse in the case studies.

Hot Tapping

When there is a need to build a branch line but cannot take the main line out of service, then hot tapping the branch connection is an excellent option. Hot tapping eliminates the need to drain and recharge the main line when making connections.

GFS has developed the equipment and has the experience to hot tap onto steel and concrete lined steel mains, ranging in size from 25mm to 450mm.

Line Stopping

Line stopping is used to isolate a section of mains when it is not possible to drain the whole main or when there is a need to install a new valve or change out a faulty valve. Line stopping makes it possible to make changes to the network, while minimising disruption and waste.

The procedure involves installing a hot tap, then inserting a line stopping ‘plug’ through the tapping to temporarily stem the flow. Inflatable plugs are specifically engineered for the pipe diameter and line pressure.

Pipe Pigging

Pipelines are like arteries - they are a lot more effective when they are free of debris. Pipeline pigging involves pushing a ‘pig’ (foam cylinder) through a pipe, to scrape the pipe walls free of debris.

Pipe efficiency and water quality are greatly improved if the pipe walls are clean. GFS offers specialist pipe pigging, including supply pigs and supply and installation of pig launchers and pig receivers.
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