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Partnership with Koch

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Koch Separation Solutions, supporting GFS’ delivery of high-standard water and waste water products.

Koch offers cutting-edge membrane technology across the globe for both traditional and innovative applications, ranging from treatment of drinking water and wastewater to liquids separation for concentration, chemical recovery, and water reuse.

Koch membranes are robustly engineered and designed to operate in a diverse range of conditions, minimising fibre breakage and pre-treatment requirements. This makes them an ideal match for use within our modular treatment ThirstResponder® M and EffBuster® M products while also adding value to our municipal and industrial clients.

We are excited to bring Koch’s diverse range of membrane technology to New Zealand and our clients. To learn more contact Guaranteed Flow Systems.

Puron MP Ultra-Filtration System for Drinking Water and Wastewater

PuronTM MP pressurised UF system for treating drinking water

CaustiCOR Chemical Recovery System

Causti-CORTM system for recovering caustic and acid

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